Avengers: Infinity War

I suffer from Avengernesia: I’m a bit hazy on which Marvel films I’ve seen and the order they’re supposed to be in. You don’t need to have seen all the earlier films to enjoy this, but some backstory on its  gazillion superheroes certainly helps. We begin with Thor getting his mighty hammer caressed by… wait,… Read More Avengers: Infinity War


The Favourite

Queen Anne was the first ruler of the newly united Great Britain in the early 1700s; the last Stuart monarch before the Hanoverian dynasty that’s still with us (God save the Queen!). So, there’s your history. Here, the widowed, childless, semi-invalid Anne is a lonely, eccentric figure, stuck in the gilded cage of her palace,… Read More The Favourite


This is The Punisher meets Toy Story 3. OK, I suppose that doesn’t really help. Nick Sax is a washed-up ex-cop who now works as a hitman. Fortunately for his line of work – and despite a heart that stops beating at inconvenient times – he seems indestructible. Stab wounds, car crashes, gunshots, crowbar blows:… Read More Happy!