This is The Punisher meets Toy Story 3. OK, I suppose that doesn’t really help. Nick Sax is a washed-up ex-cop who now works as a hitman. Fortunately for his line of work – and despite a heart that stops beating at inconvenient times – he seems indestructible. Stab wounds, car crashes, gunshots, crowbar blows:… Read More Happy!

Incredibles 2

When we last met the Incredibles (it was 2004, you were probably young, so you might need a refresher), the superpowered Parr family of dad Bob (strength), mum Helen/Elastigirl (stretchiness), daughter Violet (invisibility/force field), son Dash (fast feet) and baby Jack-Jack (hmm, well) were living incognito, banned from using their powers due to their crimefighting’s… Read More Incredibles 2