The Box

A box with a button on top (amazing props!) arrives on the doorstep of a suburban couple along with a moral dilemma: press the button and they’ll get a million bucks, but some stranger will die. The man making the offer (Frank Langella) has apparently survived some sort of top-secret disaster with alien help, but he now has a big hole in his face, so clearly alien plastic surgery leaves a bit to be desired. Sci-fi meets mystery meets dog’s dinner, this clunky and somewhat misogynist film doesn’t know what genre it is or what messages it’s trying to deliver. 4/10


One thought on “The Box

  1. I tend to agree with your assessment. I really wanted to love this film and ended up considering it more a curiosity than a great movie.

    Scenes like (spoilers) Arthur being suddenly escorted out of the aircraft hanger by soldiers feel very out of place and seem to indicate editing problems. Or maybe Kelly is trying to recapture some of that accidental obtuseness that made the original theatrical cut of Donnie Darko so great.

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