Despicable Me

Criminal mastermind Gru (Steve Carell) gets out-criminal-masterminded and must re-establish himself with a plot to nick the moon, assisted by his adoring Minions (small, unintelligible and apparently indestructible creatures) and elderly inventor Dr Nefario (Russell Brand). Roping three orphan girls into his plot (by adopting them) proves to be his undoing, however. This is absolutely gorgeous-looking, fantastically animated (3-D, 2-D, whatever) and packed with cute and cuddly characters. Possibly too many. The girls are cute, the Minions are cute, even the piranhas are cute. The script doesn’t quite do the visuals justice, but the main problem is, oddly enough, the internal logic of the whole thing. Still, there are genuine laughs. And it is cute. 7/10


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