The Social Network

Lots of hostility in small rooms. Repartee. Nerds typing. Nerds partying. Lawyers.

Mark Zuckerberg was a Harvard undergrad and super-talented programmer with negligible social skills. Just the sort of person who’d prefer to interact with others on Facebook instead of in person. This film focuses on the legal actions against MZ from former Harvard colleagues who claimed an input into Facebook’s creation, and who were shafted to varying degrees as it went white-hot. Among all the poor little rich kids, there’s nobody here you’ll care much about – and women barely feature – but Aaron Sorkin’s script really crackles. 8/10


One thought on “The Social Network

  1. Well said. I tried to not identify with Saverin on the second viewing, but to think of MZ as a good guy (or at least identify with him) but could not stop thinking of him as a complete bastard.

    It’s hard to feel sorry for a billionaire, but this film gives it a damn good shot.

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