The American

George Clooney’s films fall into two categories: upbeat and downbeat. This is downbeat, so expect lots of frowning and inclement weather, though there is gunplay and George does get his shirt off.

Jack, a solitary hitman (George) holes up in a small, damp Italian hill town while constructing a custom weapon for a client. It’s not clear why he’s there instead of, say, working in a machine shop in a city, where a foreigner sourcing weapons parts and engineering equipment would attract less attention. Anyway, a local priest befriends him and starts sticking his nose into Jack’s business. A local prostitute, Clara, takes Jack’s business in another way altogether. And possibly his nose, too. Jack starts to rediscover his humanity and the pleasure of deeper relationships. But is it too late?

With most of the assassin-movie tropes thrown in, this is pretty watchable but not especially original. 6/10


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