Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt I

The forces of evil are out in the open, though they haven’t changed their wardrobe: yep, still black. Nowhere is safe for Harry and his chums as they set out to find the remaining Horcruxes, each of which contains a bit of the Dark Lord’s soul. Along the way, there will be chases, skirmishes, deaths and the discovery that ‘hallow’ is apparently a noun.

The tone is dark, as are the flashes of humour. Hogwarts and the sanctuaries of Harry’s youth have been torn down and there’s no-one to guide him on this journey through cold, barren and colourless landscapes.

Harry may be growing up, but he isn’t much more inspired than he has been in previous films. He’s still often a passive, blundering protagonist whose arse has to be saved by his friends; he seems a little unworthy of his apparently genetic wizarding talents.

This is a slower, more pensive film than previous excursions, but it’s still engaging, which makes the inevitably unresolved ending (ready for Pt II) a bit of a let-down. 8/10


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