Two alien babies, escaping their destroyed worlds, land on Earth and grow up to be the superpower-tastic, square-jawed Metro Man… and Megamind, whose only asset is the brain he has in that big blue bonce. Metro Man will always win the popularity contests, so Megamind decides evil is more his bag. He spends his days plotting – fiendishly, of course – ways to conquer Metro City (or Metrocity, to rhyme with ‘atrocity’, as Mega pronounces it). The plots usually involve kidnapping scrumptious reporter Roxanne Ritchi, but they’re invariably foiled by Metro Man.

Until, one day, Megamind wins. With Metro Man dead, Megamind has everything he’s always dreamt of. In no time at all, he’s bored, and decides he should create another superhero to make his life a bit more challenging.

This is a very funny, smart and beautifully plotted film that will appeal to kids as well as adults (yep, that was the order I meant). Will Ferrell has never looked better. 9/10

Released December 9.


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