The Tempest

Prospero, a wizard stranded on a remote island for years with his daughter Miranda, creates a storm that shipwrecks his enemies on the island’s shores. Ah, sweet, cold revenge…

This film features the usual list of well-known actors getting their Shakespeare credit, and the innovation of making Prospero a woman – Prospera, played by Helen Mirren. She’s good as always, but there’s no great point to this twist.

Think of this less as a movie and more as a filmed play with really imaginative sets and a few CGI tweaks (the spirit Ariel occasionally acquires breasts, again for no obvious reason). It’s pretty good, but unfortunately the dialogue is often unforgivably inaudible. Director Julie Taymor gives herself a writer’s credit (the Bard probably won’t complain to the WGA) so she should know Shakespeare is all about the language, not Ariel’s novelty boobs. 7/10

Released April 21, 2011


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