127 Hours

So you’re trapped in a cinema, watching a 94-minute film about some boofhead trapped under a boulder? You may feel like gnawing your arm off…

Aron Ralston (James Franco) is the boofhead, a cocky adrenaline junkie who relates to the sandstone canyons of Utah more than he does to people. He’s out in the desert – alone as usual – one weekend when a rockfall traps him at the bottom of a narrow fissure. Specifically, it traps his right hand between the rock wall and a boulder, which is wedged in the fissure like a bung in a bottle.

Writer/director Danny Boyle does a brilliant job of keeping things moving even when Ralston isn’t. Ralston recalls the incidents in his life that led him to this situation, while trying every conceivable way to extricate himself. His water supply and strength dwindle, and finally…  well, you know the rest. If you’re not into home theatre (of the operating kind), expect to squirm. 8/10

Released February 10, 2011


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