Rabbit Hole

This is a wise and heart-filling film about grief, written by someone who clearly knows a bit about it.

We meet Becca and Howie eight months after the death of their four-year-old son, who was hit by a car after running out into the street. They’re getting on with their lives and over their loss. Of course they are. They go to group therapy, they eat out together. But it’s not really working. Becca is brittle housewife perfection, Howie the noble supporting husband. Then Becca encounters Jason, the quiet, sweet high school student who was unlucky enough to be behind the wheel of the car that killed her son, and they start to talk.

David Lindsay-Abaire’s often beautiful script explores the rocky, individual paths out of the crater of tragedy that the grieving must discover for themselves. It’s never histrionic, melodramatic or depressing, and even though it stars someone who looks like a cartoon superhero (Aaron Eckhart) and someone who looks decreasingly like Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman), they can both act. 9/10

Released February 17, 2011.


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