The Next Three Days

The wife of teacher John Brennan (Russell Crowe) is sent down for a murder he’s convinced she didn’t commit, despite overwhelming circumstantial evidence. After three years, appeal options run out. So he decides to break her out of jail.

This nicely observed 100% Paul Haggis film (let’s not ask what haggis itself is made of) poses the very interesting question of how an ordinary bloke – with no handy IT/commando skills or underworld connections – gathers the personal resources to achieve his goal. He has a job and a young son. He’s not rich. Where does he start?

It’s slightly overlong and there’s a hanging plot strand (cue sequel: The Next Year and Three Days) but this has a good script, a good cast, and enough twists to keep you genuinely unsure how things will turn out. 8/10

Released in the next three days (February 2, 2011).


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