The Adjustment Bureau

A working-class-hero politician, David (Matt Damon), is about to lose a Senate race. Preparing his concession speech in a hotel toilet, he meets wedding crasher Elise (Emily Blunt). But it turns out that they weren’t supposed to meet at this moment. The forces of fate, played by men in hats who seem to have stepped off the set of Mad Men (in fact, John Slattery actually has), just took their eye off the ball for a second, and now The Big Plan is all FUBAR. They try to stop David pursuing Elise, but David isn’t having it. Not when he could be having her instead.

I think some secret law has been passed that decrees every other film released this year must star Damon and/or Blunt, so this one takes no chances. Luckily they have great chemistry in this romantic thriller/comedy/you-tell-me, which is a bit silly but good fun. 8/10

Released March 3, 2011.


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