No Strings Attached

The lives of Emma and Adam (Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher) intersect every few years. They sort of fancy each other but their lives are clearly heading in different directions. He’s Mr Easygoing Unambitious, she’s Ms Med School Doesn’t Do Intimacy. After discovering that his ex-TV star dad is poking his, um, ex, Adam indulges in a bit of drunk phoning. He and Emma end up having a guilt-free, commitment-free quickie, then agree to continue the arrangement.

This is a rom-com, so the ending is never in doubt. The characters of the two leads are also a little unfocused, and there are some odd postscripts to the central story. But Kutcher is surprisingly charming, Portman exudes a genuine appeal as someone any right-thinking male would want to get to know, and Elizabeth Meriwether’s script is genuinely funny. It is, in short, a rom-com that men will like, too. 8/10

Released February 10, 2011.


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