An American (Liam Neeson) flies to Berlin with his wife (January Jones) for a biotech conference. Leaving his wife to check in at the hotel, he dashes back to the airport to retrieve a forgotten bag, but then his taxi is involved in a car accident. He wakes up four days later to discover another man has assumed his identity and his wife no longer recognises him. Has he gone mad? Is he having a Sixth Sense-esque out-of-body experience?

This is Neeson having Euro-thriller deja vu (after the rather nasty Taken), but this film owes a lot more to a certain action-film franchise. So much, in fact, that to name the franchise would be a spoiler. Everything feels a bit retrodden, the plot is a bit easy to guess and the good supporting cast are a little under-exercised, but it’s reasonably entertaining. 6/10

Released February 18, 2011.


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