Wasted on the Young

New family arrangements see introverted, tightly wound tech-head Darren (Oliver Ackland) enrolled at an elite private school where his newly acquired stepbrother Zack is top dog. Zack is rich, handsome and charming, and leaves the head-kicking to his henchman Brook. At one of the many parties thrown by Zack, the girl that Darren fancies, Xandrie, is drugged and abused by Zack’s entourage. But it’s her word against Zack’s, and she can’t win. Darren is forced to act.

I’m not sure if you’re really supposed to notice production and sound design, but both are exceptional in this film by writer/director Ben C. Lucas. The plot structure lets it down a bit, and the creative decision to feature no adults whatsoever makes disbelief hard to suspend, especially when handguns are involved. But it’s beautifully shot with a great cast, and imbued with an atmosphere of unease. 7/10

Released March 3, 2011


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