The Mechanic

Jason Statham has a certain working-class-hero charm. A bit like a young Bruce Willis. It compensates for their limited acting range and hair-styling options.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite compensate for bad writers who fail to give your character any back story or empathy.

Here Jase plays a hitman who specialises in making his jobs look like accidents. Rather unbelievably, he seems only to be asked to kill drug dealers, arms dealers and cult leaders. Until, that is, he’s asked to kill his mentor (Donald Sutherland).

Which he does. So what next? Um, well, out of guilt, he takes on his mentor’s son, who has no redeeming features at all, as an apprentice. Then what? Um… Well, their goal arrives about an hour into this uninvolving collection of explosions and gunfire. Somebody call a (script) doctor! 5/10

Released March 24, 2011.


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