Your Highness

So I’m guessing a group of 16-year-old dopeheads were sitting around one night and said, “Man, we should write, like, a Lord of the Rings spoof, where the characters say ‘fuck’ a lot. That would be sooooo funny. And no-one’s ever thought of doing that. We could call it Quest Movie.”

Oddly enough, after waking up the next morning and pulling off the ashtray that had sort of suckered itself onto their downy cheeks when they fell asleep slumped across the coffee table, they went ahead and did it. Only they changed the title, because how funny you find this film will probably depend on your highness. I admit to smiling at least two or three times.

The plot (if you care) is: older, heroic brother gets his fiancee kidnapped by some sort of evil lord, ropes his cowardly waster brother into the quest to get her back. The unbelievable cast (literally: why are they in this?) seem to be making up their dialogue on the spot. 5/10

Released May 5, 2011.


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