The Lincoln Lawyer

Unprincipled defence lawyer Mick (Matthew McConaughey) gets a wealthy client (Ryan Philippe) who’s accused of beating up a prostitute. Of course Mick can dance rings around the prosecution and get him off: trouble is, Mick starts to believe he’s guilty – and not only of this crime. Can Mick do his job and still get justice?

Not an overly original premise and the characters aren’t set up well – for instance, there’s little explanation for why Mick is riding around in a Lincoln in the first place. It’s interesting that some moments used in the trailer don’t appear in the final film. The sound mix also muddies the dialogue – though that’s not a huge problem, as facts are often repeated for the benefit of denser viewers.  Still, this film has a lot of the right ingredients and it does its best to add a few twists at the end. 6/10

Released March 31, 2011.


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