Thor: what is it good for? Well, a couple of laughs, like when Thor, exiled to earth, walks into a pet shop and tries to buy a horse. Otherwise, this is a run-of-the-mill franchise setter-upper.

The Viking gods, it turns out, are actually extraterrestrials with human form, superhuman powers, English accents and old-fashioned diction (aliens always seem to speak like characters from Arthur Conan Doyle).

Thor will inherit the throne if his dad Odin (Anthony Hopkins) carks it. (And if his make-up is at all toxic, this could be at any second.) Thor is a headstrong idiot and, after one escapade, gets stripped of his powers and banished to earth. There he meets scientist Natalie Portman, learns humility, and ultimately must find a way to get his hammer back and save his home planet. Usual stuff. 6/10

Released April 21, 2011.


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