The Beaver

Mel Gibson is a depressive who can’t deal with the world. His wife has given up on him and his son regards him with utter contempt.

But anyway, about the film. Mel plays toy-company exec Walter, whose wife (Jodie Foster) kicks him out because he can’t pull himself together. He tries to kill himself. He fails, and wakes up with a hangover and his hand up a beaver’s arse. The beaver is a glove puppet, and it starts giving him a good hard talking-to in a voice like Bob Hoskins’. Only Walter’s mouth is moving. The beaver becomes his intermediary in his communication with the world. And this works well for him, reuniting him with his family and even running his business. But a beaver can only get you so far…

This is an OK film with a slightly confused message about dealing with depression. Jodie Foster is merely competent as a director and it’s a hard to get past the fact that Mel Gibson is a twat. 6/10

Released July 21, 2011.


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