Norwegian Wood

Toru’s best friend Kizuki kills himself for no apparent reason, leaving childhood sweetheart Naoko devastated and Toru adrift. It’s 1967 and Toru continues his studies and part-time jobs aloof from the political upheavals occupying his fellow students. Then the fragile Naoko reappears in his life and they begin a tentative affair. But are they healing, or clinging to the past? Toru’s sense of direction is further confused when the quirky but pragmatic Midori takes a shine to him.

This is a subtle and cold film (in mood and climate) about the connections people make or fail to make with each other, regardless of their desires and needs. It’s an intellectual rather than emotional journey and is thus a tonally faithful adaptation of Murakami’s book – which isn’t everyone’s cup of green tea. And it’s too bad if you were expecting Scandinavian porn. 7/10

Released August(ish) 2011.


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