Beautiful Lies

Aka Des Vrais Mesonges or Full Treatment

Emilie (Audrey Tautou) runs a hairdressing salon and always knows what’s best for everyone, even when she doesn’t. She can’t get her mother to move on from her divorce from Emilie’s father years before, and she is oblivious to the infatuation of Jean (Sami Bouajila), the shy handyman, who’s actually a lot smarter than anyone realises. Jean pens an anonymous love letter to Emilie, which she swiftly bins before changing her mind, recycling the contents and sending it to her mother instead. Crossed-wires comedy ensues.

If you liked Priceless from the same writing team (Benoît Graffin and Pierre Salvadori), you’ll enjoy this too. There’s real humanity behind the farce, and it throws in a few plot surprises. Bouajila is miscast and a bit bovine and inert, but Tautou would be watchable cleaning a septic tank (her, not me). 8/10

Released July 21, 2011.


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