Super 8

It’s 1979, and some small-town kids are shooting a home zombie movie when they accidentally capture footage of a catastrophic train crash, after which some freaky stuff happens that they don’t really see. The crash was caused by one of their schoolteachers driving his ute onto the tracks; the dying man gasps that they should never tell what they’ve seen, or The Powers That Be will kill them, their families, yea, even the earthworms in their backyards. Or words to that effect.

So while the US military descends on the town and behaves in a typically beastly way (still scarred by Vietnam, no doubt), the kids set out to, um, not tell anybody about what they haven’t really seen. And that’s one of many structural problems of what is otherwise quite a cute monster movie. I suppose no-one was game to tell Messrs Spielberg and Abrams that they hadn’t got it quite right. 7/10

Released June 9, 2011.


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