Kung Fu Panda 2

Po the porky panda leads his kung fu masters into battle against Shen the psychotic peacock, who aims to conquer China with his fiendish gunpowder-based weaponry. But Po will only succeed if he finds Inner Peace, which is all tied into his past and how he ended up with a goose for a father. (A literal goose, not a metaphorical one.)

If the first film’s aim was to make kids feel OK about being obese, this one will make them feel OK about being obese orphans. If I’m reading it right… Some of the Furious Five don’t get much screen time and their characters lack depth and diversity, but this sequel is by far the better film, quite funny and absolutely beautifully animated. So it’s just a shame that the action is often so frenetic, it passes literally in a blur.  7/10

Released June 13, 2011.


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