Cars 2

Motor racing star Lightning McQueen and his friends return for more anthropomorphic weirdness in a complex, globetrotting story that owes more to James Bond than it does to Hot Wheels.

A British agent, Finn McMissile (voiced by Michael Caine), discovers a strange device on a secret deep-sea oilrig, and McQueen’s best mate, Mater the tow truck, accidentally gets involved in the subsequent spy shenanigans. Meanwhile McQueen competes in a new alternative-fuel race series with events in Japan, Italy and London, head to head with egotistical open-wheeler Francesco Bernoulli.

The plot will go over the heads of younger viewers and ultimately doesn’t make a great deal of sense anyway, but this fast-paced and funny sequel is much more entertaining (and much less US-centric) than the original. 8/10

Released July 23, 2011.


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