Nine people stuck in a lift with a bomb. That’s what you call a high-concept premise. There’s the head of the investment firm that owns the skyscraper; his brattish 10-year-old granddaughter; a brown-nosing fat broker; a slick thin broker; the thin broker’s TV-presenter fiancee; a pregnant woman; a claustrophobic Jewish comedian; a security guard of Iranian extraction; and an ill-looking older woman who’s one of the firm’s clients.

Various conflicts connecting the characters emerge over the course of their ordeal, with tense and blackly comic results. Marc Rosenberg’s script keeps a lid of realism on the action and the cast is good, but the story is hampered by having too many characters and no central one, while the somewhat tacked-on ending doesn’t offer enough resolution. I saw an early cut, though, so it may be fixable before it finds a distributor. 6/10

No Australian release yet scheduled.


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