Larry Crowne

Larry (Tom Hanks) is a decent, hard-working man whose only faults seem to be dullness, a slightly grating cheeriness and a bad facelift (oops, sorry Tom, I thought it was make-up). He works for SomethingMart as a middle manager, so you just know he’s going to get downsized: the reason they give him is that he never went to college.

So he enrols at community college in an economics class, plus another on public speaking run by Mercy (Julia Roberts). Having bought a scooter because he can’t afford to fuel his 4WD, he also gets adopted by young, attractive, quirky fellow scooterer Talia, who teaches him how to be cool. Handy.

Larry is never really put through the mill and good things seem to happen to him without much effort on his part, but this is an amiable feel-good comedy if you’re after that sort of thing. 6/10

Released July 21, 2011


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