Chalet Girl

Cinderella goes snowboarding. 6/10

Oh, you want more? Skateboarding prodigy Kim (the  easy-on-the-eye Felicity Jones) gave it all up after the death of her mum, and now works in a burger joint and looks after her unemployed dad (Bill Bailey). Then she lands a job in a ski resort as chalet girl to a rich family (Bill Nighy, Brooke Shields, Ed Westwick). She fancies the son (Westwick), who ever-so-slightly makes my skin crawl, but maybe that’s just me. He’s engaged. She decides to try snowboarding. There’s an upcoming comp with a big prize. You join the dots.

It’s a watchable cast, there are quite a few funny lines, but it’s low on conflict, surprises and directorial skill. Also, it was made for 12-year-olds (literally) so it’s all pretty tame.

Released September 1, 2011


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