Captain America: The First Avenger

Despite the title, this has absolutely nothing to do with Joanna Lumley. Shame.

It’s 1941, and a young, weedy, asthmatic shortarse with a name so whitebread you’d never remember it at a party is keen to enlist. But Uncle Sam doesn’t want Steve Rogers, or “Hey You” as he’s known to his friends. But my word he’s plucky, so he gets signed up for a secret super-soldier program to give him huge muscles. After being forced to ponce about in superhero tights as War Bonds poster boy Captain America, he ultimately gets the chance to fight HYDRA, an organisation that makes the Nazis look touchy-feely.

This Steampunk-flavoured comic conversion is better than it sounds thanks to some witty dialogue and a good support cast, but it breaks the ‘Double Mumbo Jumbo’ rule (Google it) by adding Norse myth and ray guns to the above mix. And that costume is slightly bad. 7/10

Released July 28, 2011.


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