Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits was the working title of No Strings Attached, which is why the two films are pretty much the same. Both are packed with anthropological insights into the monogamy-polygamy dichotomy of human relationships… Oh, sorry, no they aren’t. They’re romcoms. In FWB, Justin Timberlake plays an LA magazine designer who’s lured to NY for a job on GQ by headhunter MK (sorry, Mila Kunis, her of the massive eyeballs. There’s actually a good joke about them in this, but I imagine they’d be disturbing in a 3D movie).

Jamie (MK) is the only person Dylan (JT) knows in town, so they start to hang out. Decide to have sex with no emotional involvement. There are some good laughs here, but they don’t make up for the pedestrian plot. And Jamie and Dylan are just too likeable, un-screwed-up and attractive to convince you they’re the only people in the world who could make each other happy. 6/10

Released August 18, 2011


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