The Smurfs

Trying to escape evil wizard Gargamel, Clumsy Smurf accidentally drags a bunch of others including Grouchy, Brainy (they do pigeonhole each other, those Smurfs) plus Gargamel himself through a vortex from their happy land to the heart of  New York (all good vortices lead to NYC). There, they must prevent Gargamel capturing and juicing them for their Smurfy goodness (can Clumsy save the day?), while also helping a marketing guy come up with a campaign for cosmetics. Srsly.

At one stage, they’re sitting around yearning for home and the siblings they’re missing the most. “I don’t miss Passive-Aggressive Smurf,” says one. Yes, the script mixes sharp dialogue with nauseating schmalz in roughly equal measure, so you only have to hold onto your lunch for brief periods. Little kids will enjoy it. 7/10

Released September 15, 2011 (September 1 Tas, September 8 Qld).


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