Cowboys and Aliens

Daniel Craig wakes up under-dressed in the New Mexico desert with amnesia and a strange alien device clamped around his arm (not to mention an American accent). Turns out he’s a bad-ass outlaw called Jake. Though his ass isn’t actually bad – he must work out at the local Gunslinger & Cowpoke Gym.

Jake soon has a run-in with the local beef baron, Colonel Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford), but before you know it, they’re being attacked by alien spacecraft that proceed to abduct local citizens. Jake and Dolarhyde must join forces to get their kin back – and Jake’s memory. Mysterious and scrumptious stranger Olivia Wilde insists on tagging along, despite Jake’s reluctance (an attitude that strains credibility more than any alien attack).

Just about every Western trope – Saloon Fight, Makeshift Funeral, Impressionable Boy – is squeezed into this genre masher, but it’s still pretty entertaining. 8/10

Released August 18, 2011.


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