The Guard

Sergeant Gerry Boyle looks a bit like a bloodhound (because he’s played by Brendan Gleeson), but as far as policing goes, that’s where the resemblance ends. If the local eejits on his rural patch on the west coast of Ireland want to hoon around and kill themselves, so be it. And if he chooses to spend his days off in bed with paid company, that’s his business.

Then an FBI agent (Don Cheadle) arrives to try to fire him up about a drug smuggling ring that’s planning to land a huge shipment. Boyle doesn’t much care, until the local smugglers insult his intelligence and mistake his laissez-faire attitude for corruption.

Snappy dialogue, dry wit and a nicely judged strand of pathos – much like Gleeson’s other great black comedy-thriller, In Bruges – make this a real delight. 9/10

Released August 25, 2011.


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