Jane Eyre

Poor but bolshy governess Jane (Mia Wasyacallit, or possibly Wasikowska) flees the dark, brooding Thornfield Hall and its dark, brooding occupant, Mr Rochester (Michael Fassbender). She trudges across dark, brooding and very wet moors until she collapses at the door of a clergyman, St John Rivers (Jamie Bell). (Who is not an actual saint, as evidenced by the fact that he’s alive. The name is pronounced ‘Singin’, as in singin’ your eyebrows, not as in singin’ in the rain.) St John, despite his suitably damp surname, is clearly not dark and brooding enough to be the romantic interest here.

The story of Jane’s cruel upbringing and arrival at Thornfield is then told in flashback, leading up to the discovery of Rochester’s dark (not brooding) secret.

This is a top-notch adaptation, with the luminous Wasikowska absolutely perfect as a woman forced to hide her inner life, but refusing to be downtrodden. 9/10

Released August 11, 2011.


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