TT 3D: Closer to the Edge

This is probably the most entertaining documentary you’ll ever see that lacks a David Attenborough narration. Yes, it’s about the famous motorcycle race on the Isle of Man, but you don’t have to be a biker to be utterly gripped.

The central character is truck mechanic Guy Martin, a handsome, single-minded bloke with sideburns you could sharpen a razor on. He’s been a regular podium finisher in these races but never a winner. Guy’s interests include racing, masturbation… and that’s about it. But he’s very funny. Other racers are also followed in what turns out to be an eventful and record-breaking year for this century-old event. The filmmakers got very lucky.

There’s heart-stopping drama, humour, tragedy, adrenalin-packed tension and beautiful humanity on display here, as well as a reminder of what sports used to be like before the money took over. See it. 9/10

Released October 20, 2011.


2 thoughts on “TT 3D: Closer to the Edge

  1. This is a film with ‘edge of your seat’ moments – how those bikes wobble at improbable angles and riders stay on seems like magic, not physics. Good review, like the sideburns comment.

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