Burning Man

It’s a very human thing to overhear a snippet of conversation in the street, then construct a whole backstory around it. And you’ll be doing that a lot for the first third of this film, a mash-up of scenes from the recent life of Tom (Matthew Goode), an English chef living in Sydney.

Tom is going through some shit, and is dealing with it by being a dick – or rather, using his dick with every woman he encounters. What’s gradually revealed as the jigsaw of events and relationships assembles is the, um, density of the shit, and whether Tom deserves our sympathy. To say more would spoil the experience, but it involves a spectacular car crash, black humour, illness, touching moments and lots of naked breasts. And a lobster. And a few red herrings.

It’s initially exasperating but extremely clever in keeping you hooked into the timeline. Original and rewarding. 8/10

Released November 17, 2011.


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