Puss in Boots

So the kitty from Shrek got his claws into a ball of wool and spun himself a new side project. At the beginning of this film, our furry Latin lover is a wrongly accused outlaw. That’s all thanks to his former friend Humpty Dumpty, an egg who went bad and embroiled him in a criminal escapade. Years later, Humpty wants to put their relationship back together again, and approaches Puss to help find the magic beans (yes: Jack, beanstalk, all that) and thence the golden goose. Fairytale mash-tacular.

It’s all competently done but we’ve seen most of the cute-animal-with-sharp-sword jokes already, and unlike Shrek, Woody, Megamind or similar, more complex leading characters, Puss doesn’t have Issues or an inner journey to complete – he just wants to clear his name. Which is not really enough. 6/10

Released December 8, 2011.


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