Tower Heist

Does anyone else find Matthew Broderick a bit creepy to look at? He’s like a middle-aged man with puppy fat. In this comedy-thriller he plays Mr Fitzhugh, a financially and emotionally crushed Wall Streeter forced to move out of The Tower, an exclusive Manhattan apartment block.

The Tower’s manager is Josh (Ben Stiller) who leads a staff highly adept at ensuring nothing disturbs the filthy-rich residents’ moral vacuum. Until financier Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda), up in the penthouse, gets house arrest pending trial for fraud. Shaw has also squandered the retirement savings of The Tower’s staff. Tipped off about a cash stash in Shaw’s apartment, Josh assembles an amateur team (plus the semi-pro Eddie Murphy) to steal it.

It’s a good premise but it feels a bit slapped together, with plot turns that are badly set up or downright unbelievable. (A Wall Street fat cat brought to justice? Never going to happen.) 6/10

Released December 26, 2011.


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