The Adventures of Tintin

I’ve never read a Tintin book so wouldn’t know whether Hergé is at rest in his grave or finding it hard to turn due to earth compaction (from all the filmmakers trampling on his memory). But this may be the best 3D animated version of, um, a 2D comic book yet made.

Our smooth-faced, sexually inert but precocious young journalist gets embroiled in a treasure hunt after buying a model ship at the market. (A Belgian market, even though all the characters have British accents.) Tintin ends up kidnapped on a freighter bound for Morocco, on which he recruits Captain Haddock, the victim of mutiny and whisky abuse – he’s more herring than haddock.

Writers Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright deliver a franchise opener that’s fairly amusing with no great plot innovations, but the real draw is Spielberg’s inventively choreographed, head-spinning action sequences, reminiscent of Indiana Jones at his best. 7/10

Released December 26, 2011.


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