Ages of Love

Original title: Manuale d’am3re

Carlo Verdone would make a great Silvio Berlusconi if they ever make a biopic, but here he stars in a different kind of farce. Ages of Lust would be a better title, as its three not-particularly-connected stories concern three men whose lives are sent off course by their libidos.

The first, Roberto, is a young lawyer with a lovely fiancée. He is sent to weasel an old couple out of their farmhouse, and ends up shagging a local beauty. Apparently we’re supposed to like him.

The second, a pompous news anchorman (Verdone), has a disastrous fling with a stalker, and the third is retired US academic Adrian (Robert De Niro) who rediscovers “Little Adrian” when his friend’s daughter (Monica Bellucci) comes to visit.

It’s occasionally funny (mostly thanks to Verdone’s plastic face) and the scenery’s nice, but I can’t really fathom its message. 5/10

Released November 24, 2011.


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