Gratuitous nudity: there are worse crimes a film can commit. X has a few boobs scattered through it, though not all at chest height.

Holly (Viva Bianca) has decided to retire from high-class hooking and fly to Paris, thus also escaping psycho regular Ligurian (a convincingly dead-eyed Peter Docker). Meanwhile, 17-year-old Shay (Hanna Mangan Lawrence), a country runaway, arrives  broke in Kings Cross. She’s trying her luck at the kerbside when she meets Holly, who needs a brunette for one last, high-paying three-way. Then they witness a murder, and find themselves on the run from the killer.

The cast does well and there are snatches of quality (no pun intended… well, maybe slightly). But this is a bit lacking in originality and cohesion, and it spends too long on minor characters who have little to do with the plot. There a few missing pick-up shots, too – the director’s or editor’s oversight. 5/10

Released November 24, 2011 (Melbourne/Adelaide); December 1 (Sydney).


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