Martius (Ralph Fiennes) is the war-bred, fearless and inspirational leader of Rome’s army. After routing his old foe Aufidius (Gerard Butler) from the city of Corioles, Martius is given the honorary name ‘Coriolanus’ by the Roman Consul, who tips Martius as his successor.

Unfortunately the election process involves meeting the Roman people to seek their endorsement, and Martius has never hidden his contempt for the rabble. The meeting sets off a disastrous chain of events that sees Martius banished from Rome. Intent on revenge on the city, he seeks the help of his former nemesis.

Writer John Logan and director Fiennes adapt Shakespeare’s text quite brilliantly for a modern setting, creating a compelling drama about the ever-thus dangers of political populism and compromise, of promoting people out of their area of expertise, and of trying too hard to please your mum. 8/10

Released February 23, 2012.


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