"Just to be on the safe side, I levelled the city"


Jason Statham plays Jason Statham, with his usual wardrobe (beanie or sharp jacket/white shirt/no tie), bad American accent and vague Special Forces background. Safe is also his usual film, where plot is less important than the question of how to kill someone with a dinner plate.

Mei is a 12-year-old girl with a photographic memory who’s kidnapped from China to work for a gang in New York. There, she’s kidnapped by the Russian mafia, who are after a number that’s locked in her head. They’ve also recently murdered Jason’s wife as punishment for failing to throw a cage fight. Mei and Jason are soon on the run together from the Chinese, the Russians, corrupt cops, the Taliban, Alien, and Genghis Khan’s reincarnated Mongol army. OK, maybe not the last three.

Jason improbably works out that the number is a safe combination, and endless fights and slaughter ensue. As usual. 5/10

Released May 17, 2012.


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