A Few Best Men

Drinking himself to death: possibly a valid career choice now


This was written by Dean Craig (Death at a Funeral) and directed by Stephan Elliot (Priscilla, Easy Virtue). So if you liked any of those films, you’ll absolutely loathe this great, steaming turd. English boy meets Australian girl on a beach, proposes, then flies to Oz with his three idiot friends for what turns out to be a society wedding, as the father is a senator. The groom is played by Xavier Samuel, who apparently starred in Twilight: Eclipse as an armadillo. Sorry, vampire – always get those confused.

It’s strange to sit in an utterly silent cinema when you’re supposed to be watching a comedy. The grinding predictability of a plot (prized sheep, psycho drug dealer) is not the issue: it’s just so unfunny, you start squirming in sympathy for the cast. Whose names I wasn’t going to mention, out of said sympathy. But really, they should have walked off set. 2/10

Release January 26, 2012


4 thoughts on “A Few Best Men

  1. You’re an asshole. what an immature, moronic piece of illiterate rubbish you talk. If you’re going to review films then you need to work out the difference between vitriolic verbal spew and a real well thought out film review.

  2. If I dish it out, I suppose I should expect to cop it, but note that my ‘vitriol’, unlike yours, was directed at the product and not the people. The term ‘turd’ reflects my anger that Australian taxpayer money (via Screen NSW and Screen Australia) funded this film instead of something with more merit. If it makes a profit, then their investment will obviously be justified, but time will tell. Your comments, by the way, would carry more weight if your message hadn’t apparently been sent from the mail server of distributor Icon Films. But I doubt Icon sanctions personal abuse of reviewers, so this fact won’t colour my reviews of future Icon releases (such as the excellent Iron Lady).

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