The Grey

Liam threatens to catch his death


You can get away with a deathly title when the premise is lively: the plane of a group of less-than-saintly oil workers goes down in the middle of Alaska, and it seems no-one’s going to be coming for the seven survivors… except the wolves. Ottway (Liam Neeson) knows a bit about wolf behaviour, as his job was to shoot them when they threatened workers at the oil well. He attempts to lead the group to safety, despite being suicidal himself.

There are interesting things to be said here about man’s animal instincts and place in the food chain, but this doesn’t really say them. It thinks it’s a lot more profound than it actually is and the characters are all two-dimensional (good job there’s no 3D release planned), so you won’t much care as they get picked off. The ending is unsatisfying, too. 5/10

Released February 16, 2012.


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