Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Tom goes in search of a drink in Dubai


MI3 was forgettable – indeed, I’ve forgotten everything about it except its general grimness. MI4 thankfully has Simon Peggness instead, adding humour back into the mix of action and gadgets.

Ethan (Tom Cruise + large quantities of glucosamine) is broken out of a Russian jail to foil the efforts of a mad Swede to blow up the world, yada yada. Then Ethan gets framed for cratering the Kremlin (just a small bit, yet the Russians are so upset), and the US government cuts his agency loose. Even though they were always covert in the first place. But you don’t want to examine the chain of reasoning too closely with this kind of thing; nor should you expect nuanced acting (yes, you, Paula Patton). What you want is frenetic multinational action, gratuitous use of technology, and minimum gore and romantic goo. And MI4 delivers. 8/10

Released December 15, 2011.


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