"Do they come in any other colour?"

Mark Wahlberg dusts off his working-class-hero persona (though it never spends long in storage) to play Chris Farraday, ex-smuggler and ex-con, now happily married family man. Chris is obliged to pull one last funny-money run from Panama to settle a gangster debt incurred by his wife’s stupid younger brother.

Will it all go swimmingly? Will he be home in time to toss a baseball around with the kids, eat his wife’s delicious meatloaf (not a euphemism) and suck on a Bud (the beer, for God’s sake) on the back porch before retiring to the bedroom to show his adoring wife his hidden package? (OK, that last one was a euphemism.)

No, is the short answer. This is a competent thriller but a little predictable. 6/10

Released February 23, 2012.


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