Not Suitable for Children

Jason Stackhouse delivers a snack for Eric… Whoops! Wrong show

I know it’s just me, but when I look at Ryan Kwanten, I think of a potato. Same thing with Ryan Reynolds. But hey, potatoes are so hot right now.

Here Ryan K plays young and wild Jonah, who makes a somewhat implausible living running paid-entry parties at the house he inherited from his late mum. He shares it with the emotionally unintelligent Gus (Ryan Corr, not potatoey) and the level-headed but relationship-damaged Stevie (Sarah Snook, excellent). Then Jonah cops a testicular cancer diagnosis and the cure will render him infertile. Then it turns out his man-juice won’t survive cryogenics: if he wants kids, it’s now or never.

Jonah’s mad search for a potential mother should be the stuff of farce, but the comedy here is more subtle, and writer Michael Lucas keeps the outcome unpredictable. Nicely done. 7/10

Released July 12, 2012.


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