Chinese Takeaway

“How much for the little fella?”

Original title: Un cuento chino

Roberto is a grumpy loner who runs a hardware store. He’s as honest as he is contemptuous of his ‘imbecilic’ customers. Then a young Chinese man stumbles into his life.

Jun, whose fiancee was killed by a falling cow (hey, it happens) has come to Argentina looking for his last surviving relative, but was robbed as soon as he set foot in Buenos Aires. Roberto very reluctantly takes him in, even though neither speaks the other’s language and it doesn’t seem to occur to anyone to buy a phrasebook.

This amusing observational comedy lacks huge laughs or major plot surprises, but it’s quite a sweet story about a man being levered out of his rut and opening his heart. 7/10

Released September 20, 2012, and during the Spanish Film Festival (various dates in July, national).


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