Holy Motors

The message of this film is to wake up and, um, eat the roses

A short guy  with a medium-sized penis (you can judge for yourself) drives around Paris in a limo for a series of ‘appointments’ playing various roles – banker, street beggar, motion-capture artist, irritable father, thug. Perpetrator, victim.

It’s like a feature-length series of performance-art pieces, which would normally shit me completely. Performance art is a bit like being shouted at in a foreign language: sure, you get the emotion, but if you don’t understand the meaning, what’s the point?

Luckily, Holy Motors has subtitles, and it seems to be about the roles we make ourselves play in our own lives, or how we too often passively spectate. Though I may be wrong.

There are flashes of weird humour, cinematic beauty and, well, Kylie Minogue, who does OK but doesn’t add much to the plot or message. 7/10

Released August 23, 2012.


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